Edited at 26.02.2020 – Essay writing: A Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Essay Introduction

An essay has three fundamental parts, i.e., an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part plays a vital role in bringing out the purpose of an essay. For instance, the introduction gives a clear understanding of what your paper is all about, while the conclusion offers a hint of what to expect in the body section.

However, do you know the purpose of an introduction in an essay? Do you know the essay introduction structure to use for custom essay writing your one? Here are tips to help you through:

Step By Step Guide

There are three main parts of an essay introduction. These are:

  • Introduction

It helps you to understand your essay paper and draft your ideas. The introduction helps to hook the reader/ assessor and provide a thesis statement. But first, you need to understand the essay topic and have a clear idea of what you want to write about.

  1. Thesis Statement

This simply represents the main idea that you want to present to your readers. It means that your essay paper should have a clear thesis statement, and you should make it more transparent and visible. The thesis should be clear and precise.

  1. Body

This should be the fullest part of the essay. Here, you are supposed to summarize the main ideas discussed in the essay and offer support by data. The body makes up the bulk of your essay paper. Typically, it has 3-5 paragraphs. But sometimes, the body can go as far as 6 or 9 paragraphs. If you don’t know how to break down the body into paragraphs, then you can always consult a paper supervisor. They will guide you on each section’s content, and you https://www.baker.edu/assets/uploads/files/Advising%20Project%20Update%20with%20comments%202008.pdf can always use the outline to understand the paragraphs.

Each of the sections has its aim. For instance, the introduction should provide a clear direction of where the thesis statement is going and the argument that you support.

Each part can contain its own goal that you want to achieve with your essay. But first, you should understand the purpose of the statement before you introduce it.

For instance, the introduction should not be the last line of your paper because the reader will have little idea of what you will write about. Instead, they will mostly know what the essay is about if it has a clear thesis statement.

Do not introduce a new idea in the conclusion section. If you still https://science.hamptonu.edu/bio/ have not understood the essay topic, you should consult a paper supervisor who will guide you through the entire writing process.